I am a multi-passionate person, exploring and enjoying creativity in many spheres: food, art, writing, photography and design of all sorts - interior, graphic, and web.  

Decluttering my house to early 90's Indigo Girls 






A few fun facts

For a long time I attempted to pick just one thing - be a specialist, they told me - and after years of internal struggle I finally decided to just do what I love to do: a combination of photography, graphic design, web design, creative coaching, and soulful encouragement.

I approach my clients with the fullness of my diverse background, using my artistic eye and analytical brain to explore, brainstorm, conceptualize, and create tangible, beautiful brands that are not just aesthetically pleasing, but powerful and smart.

My goal is for clients to become friends, for our process to be a partnership, and for the end result to be something that causes us both to sit back in our chairs and say "Yes! This is it. We are here." 



Consistently finding quality antique furniture on the side of the road 

Baking sourdough bread

Saturday mornings at the farmer's market with my family

Not letting the chaos of the political sphere hijack my inner peace

can you guess my super power?

A digital resource that converts readers to clients. A logo that has brand recognition and  instantly sparks an emotional response. A website that engages visitors and offers an online home base to clients and fans alike. When creating these things, form and function are intrinsically linked in my mind: I create visual brands and websites that are powerful, strategic, and smart - and that also make people feel something. When you consider beauty and functionality, personality and power, client experience and how you're making them feel - you've hit that sweet spot.  Form + function = emotional connection, which leads to authentic engagement. 

Is "All-Star Snacker" a real thing? Yes, my friend, it is. 

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my philosophy

beauty + functionality

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